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Betty Desrochers June 7, 1936-November 24, 2016

Betty Desrochers June 7, 1936-November 24, 2016

Nancy Field

Betty Desrochers passed away on Thanksgiving Day. Betty was a big part of the 18 Holers Golf League for many years. She was a big part of the traveling team and brought home the trophy for years. She will be missed.

Fewest Putts

Flight 1: 1st Karen Kolis, 2nd (tie) Christine Schultz, Julie Hamlin, Marci Koppelmaa and Marylou Claypool, 3rd (tie) Betty Ulrich, Karla Carrillo and Shirley Brenner; Flight 2: 1st Kelly Dennis, 2nd Audrey Rich, 3rd (tie) Carolyn Luna and Jan Fletcher; Flight 3: 1st Betty Reagan, 2nd Pat Benson, 3rd Margaret Werseen


1st place team Brenda Heynik, Brenda Fountain, Debbie Martin and Tricia Colombe, 2nd place team (tie) Karen Kolis, Judi Kilgus, Lavaughn Pietz, and Daryl Mellafont, Betty Reagan, Cathy Lamothe, 3rd place team Nicole Wadley, Jeanie Fehringer, Diane Grosse and Fran Stevenson

Low Gross-Ringer

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Brenda Heynik and Karen Kolis, 2nd Nicole Wadley, 3rd Kim Dunn; Flight 2: 1st Christine Schultz, 2nd Dang Parker, 3rd Marylou Claypool; Flight 3: 1st Carolyn Luna, 2nd Jan Martin, 3rd Mary Billideau; Flight 4: 1st Ingrid Jefferies, 2nd Jan Fletcher, 3rd Judi Kilgus; Flight 5: 1st Dori Winchester, 2nd Pat Benson, 3rd Larson; Flight 6: 1st (tie) Goldie Herberg and Margot Mask, 2nd Catherine Lajune, 3rd (tie)Donna Baily and Gloria Mundy; Flight 7: 1st Fran Stevenson, 2nd Betty Peer, 3rd Donna Jones

Thank you to the Award Committee – Sarah Green, Candy Bain, Joyce Anderson, Jacque Lingle and Gloria Mundy for a wonderful Awards Banquet. Thank you to Chuck Lingle, David Green, and Jim Nelson for Ubering the golfers to and from the banquet. Check the bulletin board for upcoming events in 2017. Sign up for a committee if you have not done so yet. Always have your $3 in your named envelope in the black box by noon on Saturday before the next league day.