SLLGA Results

Judy Wegener

Summer is officially here. Although our numbers are much smaller, we play on!

June 7, T&F Holes

Flight 1: 1st Barbara Arakelian, 2nd Nadine Stark, 3rd (tie) Judy Bray and Donna Smid

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Betty Reagan and Jan Fletcher, 3rd (tie) Dori Winchester and Kelly Dennis

Flight 3: 1st (tie) Sabrina Erhardt and Joyce Anderson, 3rd Shirley Brenner

Flight 4: 1st (tie) Donna Jones and Cathy Lamothe, 3rd Goldie Herberg

June 14, Non-Water Holes

Flight 1: 1st Barbara Arakelian, 2nd (tie) Debra Emerick and Marci Koppelmaa

Flight 2: 1st Cat Lajune, 2nd Kerri Jerome, 3rd Shirley Brenner

Flight 3: 1st Candy Bain, 2nd Chris Jackson, 3rd (tie) Pinky Kubiak and Pat Benson

June 21, Best 9 Holes Net

Flight 1: 1st Karen Kolis, 2nd (tie) Judy Wegener, Sandi Frantzen, Debra Emerick, and Judy Bray

Flight 2: 1st Betty Ulrich, 2nd (tie) Kelly Dennis and Jan Fletcher, 3rd (tie) Kerri Jerome, Julie Hamlin, and Sabrina Erhardt

Flight 3: 1st Goldie Herberg, 2nd Mary Bish, 3rd Pinky Kubiak

June 28, TENS

Flight 1: 1st Judy Bray, 2nd (tie) Kathy Schneider, Sandi Frantzen, and Nadine Stark

Flight 2:  1st Betty Reagan, 2nd Julie Hamlin, 3rd Dori Winchester

Flight 3: 1st Judy Mical, 2nd (tie) Cat Lajune, Pinky Kubiak, and Betty Peer