SLLGA Results

Judy Wegener

Happy 4th! It was time again for our annual “Plant Your Flag” Tournament.

7/5/22 Flag Tournament

1st (tie) Candy Bain and Debra Emerick, 2nd Kathy Schneider, 3rd Judy Bray

7/12/22 Best 9

Flight 1: 1st Kathy Schneider, 2nd (tie) Judy Wegener, Judy Bray, Jan Fletcher, Julie Hamlin, and Karen Kolis

Flight 2: 1st Joyce Anderson, 2nd Unni Foster, 3rd (tie) Pinky Kubiak and Judy Mical

7/19/22 Even Holes

Flight 1: 1st Nadine Stark, 2nd Barb Arakelian, 3rd Kathy Schneider

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Betty Ulrich and Julie Hamlin, 3rd Betty Reagan

Flight 3: 1st Mary Bish, 2nd Judy Mical, 3rd (tie) Goldie Herberg, Pinky Kubiak, and Candy Bain

7/26/22 Odd Holes

Flight 1: 1st Nadine Stark, 2nd (tie) Kathy Schneider and Judy Bray

Flight 2: 1st Pinky Kubiak, 2nd Julie Hamlin, 3rd Judy Mical