SLLGA Results

Judy Wegener

Although June was milder than normal, the heat is now on! Best advice? Stay hydrated and play ready golf.

6/6/23 T&F Holes

Flight 1: 1st Moe Schoenwalder, 2nd (tie) Nadine Stark, Judy Bray, and Marci Koppelmaa

Flight 2: 1st Jan Fletcher, 2nd Kerri Jerome, 3rd (tie) Betty Reagan, Betty Ulrich, and Jan Cobb

Flight 3: 1st Mary Bish, 2nd Jacque Lingle, 3rd (tie) Cathy Dunn, Cathy Lamothe, and Peggy Huot

6/13/23 Non-Water Holes

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Sabrina Erhardt and Judy Bray, 3rd Marci Koppelmaa

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Betty Ulrich, Jan Cobb, and Julie Hamlin

6/20/23 Best 9 Holes

Flight 1: 1st Penny Nowicki, 2nd (tie) Sabrina Erhardt and Judy Bray

Flight 2: 1st Sarah Green, 2nd Unni Foster, 3rd Julie Hamlin

Flight 3: 1st Peggy Huot, 2nd (tie) Chris Jackson and Pinky Kubiak

6/27/23 TEN’S

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Judy Wegener and Kathy Schneider, 3rd Kelly Dennis

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Kerri Jerome and Julie Hamlin, 3rd Unni Foster

Flight 3: 1st (tie) Sarah Green, Goldie Herberg, and Jacque Lingle