SLLGA Results

Nadine Stark

We celebrated with our Christmas and Awards Banquet, and new co-presidents were sworn in: Jane Fletcher and Marci Kopplemaa.

Kathy Schneider got a hole-in-one on the 15th hole on Nov. 29, 2023.

Our annual Valentine’s Party will follow our golf game on Feb. 13.

12/5 Sucker in a Bucket

1st: Kelly Dennis, Kerri Jerome, Betty Reagan, Cheryl Bunch

2nd: Mary Liepold, Julie Hamlin, Peggy Huot, Cathy LaMothe

3rd: Marci Kopplemaa, Anne Carlson, Judy Michal, Gloria Mundy

12/12 Christmas Wish

Flight 1: 1st Judy Bray, 2nd Lynn Tanner, 3rd Brenda Heyink

Flight 2: 1st Gloria Fronk, 2nd Julie Hamlin, 3rd Pam Sebela

Flight 3: 1st Uni Foster, 2nd Jeanie Fehringer, 3rd Mary Lou Claypool

Flight 4: 1st Judy Cox, 2nd Arne Havens, 3rd Jacque Lingle

12/19 Rudolph’s Rumble

1st: Betty Ulrich, Sabrina Erhardt, Wanda Chihak, Candy Bain

2nd: Kathy Schneider, Arne Havens, Carol Smith, Blind

3rd: (tie) Nadine Stark, Jan Martin, Sylvia Coats, Blind/Marci Kopplemaa, Jan Fletcher, Cathy LaMothe, Judy Cox

12/26 Scram A Sham

1st: Lana George, Sabrina Erhardt, Betty Reagan, Arne Havens

2nd: Deb McGrail, Gloria Henry, Catherine Lajune, Terry McGinn

3rd: Brenda Heyink, Kerri Jerome, Lavaughn Pietz, Goldie Herberg