SLLGA Results

Nadine Stark

It was a cold and wet January, but we still had some great times on the golf course. We also started our Monday mixer. It is nine holes with a meal and awards following golf at Mulligans.

1/09 Par 3s Only

1st: Pam Sebela, Moe Schoenwalder, Kathy Schneider, Carol Smith

2nd: (tie) Donna Jones, Marci Kopplemaa, Pinky Kubiak, Mary Liepold/Joy Cowie, Judy Cox, Debbi Ebel, Sabrina Erhardt/Lynda Smith, Nadine Stark, Shirley Sweeney, Lynn Tanner

1/16 Pick 6

1st: Ann Carlson, Jan Cobb, Arne Havens, Cathy Dunn

2nd: Kris Peterson, Pam Sebela, Lynda Smith, Betty Ulrich

3rd: Betty Reagan, Carol Smith, Jeanie Fehringer, Chris Jackson

1/30 Pick 9

1st: Uni Foster, Moe Schoenwalder, Deb McGrail, Terry McGinn

2nd: Judy Cox, Lynda Smith, Chris Jackson, Jeanne Nelson

3rd: Elsie Hagen, Carol Smith, Nadine Stark, Gloria Fronk