SLLGA Results

Judy Wegener

12/1/20 Low Gross

Flight 1: 1st Brenda Heyink, 2nd Judy Wegener, 3rd Kim Dunn

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Marci Koppelmaa and Julie Hamlin, 3rd Dori Winchester

Flight 3: 1st Gloria Fronk, 2nd Cat LaJune, 3rd Shirley Brenner

Flight 4: 1st Jan Cobb, 2nd (tie) Unni Foster and Jeanie Fehringer

12/8/20 1 Gross and 1 Net Holiday Party:

1st (tie) Betty Ulrich, Cat LaJune, Lavaughn Pietz, and Pat Benson/Brenda Heyink, Diane Grosse, Marlys McFarland, and Fran Stevenson; 3rd Judy Bray, Betty Reagan, Unni Foster, and Linda Peart

12/15/20 Average Net Score

1st Judy Wegener, Gloria Fronk, Cathy LaMothe, and Goldie Herberg; 2nd Judy Bray, Betty Reagan, Lavaughn Pietz, and Donna Bailey; 3rd Marci Koppelmaa, Anne Carlson, Kris Peterson, and Jan Fletcher

12/22/20 Red and Green

Flight 1: 1st Brigette Charles, Marci Koppelmaa, Pat Benson, and Judy Cox; 2nd Judy Wegener, Diane Grosse, Jeannie Fehringer, and Cathy LaMothe

Flight 2: 1st Penny Nowicki, Shirley Sweeney, Karen Smith and Betty Peer; 2nd Tricia Colombe, Jan Cobb, and Betty Ulrich; 3rd Shirley Brenner, Gloria Fronk, Nettie Dingler, and Barb Rogers

12/29/20 Scram A Sham

1st Brenda Heyink, Betty Reagan, Lavaughan Pietz, and Judy Cox; 2nd (tie) Judy Bray, Dori Winchester, Pinky Kubiak, and Gloria Mundy/Judy Wegener, Cat LaJune, Judy Mical, and Tricia Colombe