Snowbirds homecoming dance

Sunday Dance Club new members Cynthia Darby and Ken White

Sunday Dance Club new members Cynthia Darby and Ken White

John Yu

It’s hard to believe we are two dances into our dance season already. Our next dance will be focused on the much-anticipated reunion with our returning neighbors and friends up north. We can’t think of a better welcome than to greet them with a homecoming dance in their honor to celebrate their return. Our band will be the DK Orchestra who are also making their debut to this dance season.

With over 25% of our club being new members since the season began, we’re going to have to re-introduce everyone again. It has certainly been a great pleasure to receive and welcome so many to our little club. Adding some country and line dances along with West coast swing to our ballroom dancing repertoire has drawn a lot of interest and has added to the dance cards of new and current dancers. How did anyone know that one of the founders of our dance club 28 years ago, Bob and Dot Starkloff, are line dance aficionados? It just goes to show that, at any age, we can still adapt, change, enjoy and pursue anything as long as we have the will and it brings us pleasure.

Again, our Sunday Dance Club welcomes all dance couples to join us for a fun social Sunday evening of dance and music. The place is the San Tan Ballroom at Cottonwood. The doors open at 6:00 p.m., and music and dance is from 6:30 through 9:30 p.m. Admission is $20 per guest couple. Prior to each dance, an optional dinner gathering is held at the Cottonwood Lounge for those who like to socialize a bit before the dance. Attendance is optional and self-pay. Also prior to each dance we have an optional dance class for those who like to “tune-up” a bit before the dance. It will be taught by Mary Lou Kaye, our resident dance instructor, at the Dance Studio room at the Oakwood Complex. It is located in the first building when you turn into the Oakwood  Complex off E J Robson Blvd. The class charge is $5 and begins at 4:45 p.m. for one hour.

We expect a pretty full gathering, so be sure to RSVP to [email protected] or call 480-699-7334 so we have enough seats and refreshments for everyone. Also visit our website,

Please note: Dress is business/country club casual (ties optional), but absolutely no shorts, t-shirts or flip flops.  Thank you.