Social Dance Class Forming

Mary Lou Kaye

An entry-level Basic Social Dance class is scheduled to begin in April…Thursday, April 9, to be exact.

Social dancing is designed for those who don’t need to move like Fred and Ginger, but who want to avoid looking like Abbott and Costello.

We’ll learn about the basic rhythms of dance and the principles of leading and following (also defined as…learning to become a great partner). Our fearless leaders are freed up from having to memorize steps (a big relief). The same movements will take you through any music you enjoy. At the end of the first hour, you will be amazed at yourself! Walk In ~ Dance Out!

For details, call Mary Lou Kaye, DEA and PDF-certified instructor, at 480-939-1869 or email her at [email protected].

Want to learn how to waltz? The waltz is a special dance. Its tempo is different than any other music, and it’s considered a romantic and elegant ballroom dance. Yet, it happily appears in country and other styles of music. This class will also become available in April.