Softball player profile:  Mike Lebet

Larry Wolfe

A true Arizona native, Mike Lebet was born in Phoenix and has lived in the Grand Canyon State his entire life. Mike graduated from Cortez High where he played baseball and football and was a key member of the wrestling team. In his senior year, he finished fifth in the state in his weight division.

Mike went directly into the workforce after high school, first working in the print shop at Goodyear Aerospace. Over time, he moved up in the organization, ultimately becoming a program manager. During his 14-year stint with Goodyear, he went to night school, earning a BS in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and later a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from Embry Riddle.

He then began a 28-year (and still counting) career at Honeywell Aerospace. He’s held several positions over the years, including program manager, display planner and manager and plant manager at the company’s Tucson facility.

In his career in aerospace engineering, Mike’s been on the forefront of many high-tech projects, including the SR-71’s Radar System, Liquid Crystal Displays for the Boeing 737 and space shuttles and All Source Imagery Processors. Pretty impressive! Google them!

Always artistic, Mike initially wanted to pursue a career in the world of art; however, when trying to become an industrial artist, he found out he was colorblind. Not good for an artist! So, instead, he became a program manager.

Mike just joined our Senior Softball League last year, but he’s been playing softball “forever,” primarily in industrial leagues for Goodyear and Honeywell teams. He’s also a member of the Desert Bats, our 60+ travel team. He says our program really is “a Field of Dreams” and he’s looking forward to full retirement when he can play even more.

His other main interests include playing racquetball and golf and restoring cars. He’s been playing racquetball on Saturday mornings with the same partner for over 30 years! His “restorations” include a 1969 Karmann-Ghia and a 1969 Mercury Cougar. Biking and hiking with his fiancée Amy Cuccia are other favorite activities. Mike and Amy also enjoy “cool getaways” to their cabin up in Happy Jack.

One activity he previously enjoyed is now “off the list.” He actually enjoyed bull riding until an angry old bull named Popeye crushed him against the railing! Mike said riding the bulls was really exhilarating, but maybe “a little dangerous!”

Mike has a son, daughter and three grandkids. His son and two grandsons live in the Phoenix area, so he gets to play golf with his son and watch the boys play football and soccer. His daughter and granddaughter live in faraway Dublin, Ireland, where she’s a genetic engineer, but that has given him a good excuse to travel to Europe. Mike’s siblings and mom live in the Phoenix area, too, so he gets to spend time with them, including helping Mom maintain the house she’s lived in for over 57 years. A true native son!