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Notice the colors around you!

Notice the colors around you!

Susan Plouzek

Aren’t the beauties of life glorious? The brilliant yellow glow of a Sonoran Desert sunrise, for instance, makes us happy to get up each morning and take pause for a new day. And it is a new day. We get to start fresh each morning. Have you noticed the brilliant fuschia of the bougainvillea plant in your yard? Or that petite hummingbird extracting the last droplet of nectar from the Mexican petunia? Notice the reflection on your home at different times of the day. You will be amazed.

Next time you’re out for a drive, pay attention to the colors around you. Dirt is just brown, right? And you know cactus is not bright green. And yet cactus against the soil seems so colorful. Why? The reddish-brown soil and the green of the cactus are called “complementary,” or opposite colors on the color wheel. Each of those two colors are accentuated by the other, making them appear brighter, more colorful.

The stunning sunsets we have are sensational! The sky changes from blue to gold, orange, red, magenta, even violet before the last rays are gone and nightfall comes. Enjoy the beauty around you. Take in the wonderful colors and textures of the season.

With Susan, everything’s new under the sun!