Speaking of art

Early morning set-up at the Sedona Arts Festival

Early morning set-up at the Sedona Arts Festival

Susan Plouzek

Two weeks ago I had one of the best artistic experiences I’ve had in a long time. To say the Sedona Arts Festival was in a beautiful outdoor setting would be an understatement. In addition, hand-forged jewelry, paintings, wood carvings and metal sculpture were some of the exquisite art displayed and sold there. It was a delight for the eyes at every turn!

The best part for me was meeting the other 124 artists. They not only sold their works of art, but many were willing to explain their processes. I walked away amazed at the sheer creativity and ingenuity of these people. One thought kept resonating with me, determined artists are able to create in spite of creative mistakes, equipment failure, broken spirits, or lack of means. They do no find excuses, but rather use weakness as the catalyst to help them grow and change.

For example, an artist near me created fine jewelry from precious metals and after trying over and over to incorporate copper wire as an added element, he became frustrated and made a woven basket from the wire late one night. The next morning he realized the basket did not look half bad. He made a few more of the experimental baskets and took them to sell with the jewelry. To his surprise, the baskets sold very well! Many times a handicap can springboard an idea for the artist. Change of good vision may get an artist to use lots of texture or bright color. Maybe an artist cannot express themselves well orally, but creating in clay, they say volumes.

Life is like that. We all have some weakness. If we become determined to rethink through our trouble, we can be the best at something – the best at listening, the best at serving others, the most friendly, the warmest heart, the biggest smile. Maybe we can help someone else have one of the best experiences they had in a long time!