Spooner PT and Young Home Team Are Spring Division Champs

Spooner PT Champs: Kneeling (left to right): Kelly Anderson, Mgr. Ron Carmichael, Bobby Reed, and Sam Giordano; standing (left to right): Bob Wicks, Bill Marson, Mgr. Joe Commisto, Ernie Flores, Jack Martin, and Randy Neumann; not pictured: Mickey Gregg, Mike Lebet, and Dave Platt

Young Home Team Champs: Kneeling (left to right): Garnet Hammer, Jerry Giesinger, Dave Douglas, Larry Maggard, and Jim Entwistle; standing (left to right): Mgr. Gary Hillabolt, Tim Loeffler, Bill McCoy, Gary Alexander, Paul Krautwurst, and Bob Montelione

Larry Wolfe

The Spooner PT squad, managed by Joe Commisto, won three of four games in the final week of the season to capture the Sun Division Spring title with an 11-7 record.

Manager Marty Hobby’s Redeemed Team and Manager Ron Carmichael’s Wolfe & Associates club finished in a tie for second place. In the Lakes Division, Manager Gary Hillabolt’s Young Home Team were Division Champs, finishing the season at 13-5, three games better than Manager Dave Kratz’s Skyview Digital Media team.

The Top 10 hitters in the Sun Division were George Siegele (.826), Mike Lebet (.778), Dennis Henderson (.759), Dave Platt (.748), Bobby Reed (.738), Brian Denham (.732), Marty Hobby (.717), Jon Hendrikse (.714), Brian Hiltz (.706), and Bob Wicks (.705). Marty Hobby was the home run leader. In the Lakes Division, the leading hitters were Doug Warwick (.711), Kim Van Nausdle (.698), Gary Alexander (.679), Dennis LePore (.678), Bob Molter (.676), Joe Matras (.669), Dave Douglas (.668), Garnet Hammer (.662), Dave Kratz (.656), and Mike Wolfe (.646). Bill Jacobson led the division in homers. We’ll cover all the major stats in the upcoming annual Stats Review, to be published in August.

Our four-team Summer League opened on April 30 and will run 21 weeks through Sept. 19. Doubleheaders are played on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Field of Dreams. Game times are 8 and 9 a.m. through May, then move up to 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. for the remainder of the schedule. Team managers for the Summer League are Joe Commisto, Gary Hillabolt, Larry Maggard, and Kim Whitney. Joe Byrne, Larry Maggard, and Kim Whitney are the primary umpires, while Cyndy Hilby is the scorekeeper/scoreboard operator. Gary Hillabolt is the overall Summer League coordinator. Thanks to all these volunteers for keeping us going during the long, hot summer!

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