Spotlight On Advertiser: Gardens at Ocotillo Senior Living

There’s always something fun going on at the Gardens at Ocotillo Senior Living!

There’s always something fun going on at the Gardens at Ocotillo Senior Living!

What is your definition of fun? How about one that is quite profound but also very simple: total, uplifting and therapeutic refreshment for the body and soul!

More people are starting to realize just how healing and healthful fun and laughter really are. Humor, fun and laughter are now known as cures for stress, depression and, in some cases, disease. Our perception of pain can even be eased by laughter and its residual effects. Who would have guessed that something so enjoyable has such far-reaching benefits?

Laughter Yoga. Tai Chi. Dance Therapy. And much more. At the Gardens at Ocotillo, our Spectra Fun and Spectra Fitness programs rock, sometimes literally. Residents respond and even surpass our own vivid imaginations. Our fun, though, comes with a purpose, that of fitness and wellness. It’s a given that when our bodies are fit, our mental health follows. The Gardens at Ocotillo Senior Living realizes the importance of a mental and physical fitness program that addresses the whole person and truly makes a difference in residents’ lives. This is why our Fun Department offers a diverse collection of activity programs, each designed to complement another in order to provide a well-rounded and active life to each resident. Whether one strives to be more social, active, creative, intellectual, or just wants to be more involved in the community, we have something for everyone.

Launched in January 2015, the Colors of SpectrumSM theme is based on that simple idea. Each month, our communities across the country celebrate a different color and pair it with a new concept or life-focus such as diversity, friendship, family, or health. During special events (a frequent occurrence), each community is decorated in the color of the month, and residents and staff members are invited to be festive and join the fun by wearing the color of the month to all events and activities. Each main event is a sight to behold as the common areas fill with bright color, neighbors, smiles and the sound of excitement, laughter and friendly chatter.

The addition of this vibrant, new theme to our already-robust array of activity programs and special events has really brightened things up. Our team enriches the lives of residents and staff members alike in a very unique way, every single day.

Gardens at Ocotillo Senior Living understands how important incorporating fun and a good, lasting dose of humor is when it comes to a resident’s health and overall wellbeing. A typical day at our community offers fun in many different shapes and forms to ensure that the residents living in our community, as well as our amazing staff members who make it all happen, are happy, healthy and always feel at home. At the Gardens at Ocotillo Senior Living, we make life colorful!

Join the many residents who already understand what life is like when you are having fun. For more information visit to view or events calendar and stop by for a tour.