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After making the appointment with the tax preparer, then what do you do? What information will be needed for one visit? How can I best be prepared to answer all of the questions that might come up in the interview? Use an accountant! Make sure you choose the stability of the accounting firm you select. Not the cheapest one either!

The items you will need to bring to the interview will make your visit cordial and complete. The following items will be needed:

Personal information of everyone on your tax return

Wages and salaries; bring all of your copies of current year W-2 forms

Dependent information and have a folder of documents such as medical records, report cards, or anything else that proves that the dependent lived with you for at least half of the year

Banking information for direct deposit and withdrawal. Your return will be electronically filed for your refund or withdrawal; bring your bank name, routing number and account number

All of the copies of your interest income such as Form 1099-INT or other documents stating interest received

Dividend income; bring copies of your Form 1099-DIV or other documents for dividends received

Business use of home; complete information for your home such as the square footage of your home, how many hours the home was used during the year; any improvements made to the home and/or home office since you’ve began using the home for business

Real estate taxes

Casualty losses


Qualified mortgage insurance premiums

Repairs and maintenance



Other related expenses

Miscellaneous income, adjustments and alimony forms such as W-2G; 1099-MISC; 1099-RRB, 1099-SSA, 1099-SA, 1099-LTC, 1099-G and 1098-E

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), contributions made and distributions received

Itemized medical, prescriptions and dental expenses paid

Itemized mortgage interest and points paid if refinanced

Contributions such as cash, property and/or non-cash donations totaling less than or equal to $500

Estimated federal tax payments you made each quarter

State and city tax payments made each quarter

Be prepared by making a list of any questions you may have. Sometimes there is misleading tax information given and you want to make sure you have the right information from the right tax preparer.

For the most informative and complete information call DBK, your hometown accounting and tax service located in the Bashas’ Shopping Center at Alma School and Riggs Rd. Call 480-895-7888 or visit our website at; you will find we have the best and most efficient tax service in the area.