Spotlight On Advertiser: Mountain Park Senior Living

Trained staff at Mountain Park Senior Living can help your loved one maintain normal daily activities.

Trained staff at Mountain Park Senior Living can help your loved one maintain normal daily activities.

Although hesitant at first, many claim that after making the move into a retirement living community, their top reason for staying is the availability of services provided and the abundance of choices offered. Retirement living communities are no longer the institutions of the old, but are growing into more vibrant communities full of daily activity, socialization and overall better health.

Often, making the decision to move your loved one from their home to a community involves the need for more or better care. But it is also important to focus on the added benefits and options provided for them to thrive and continue maintaining their independence and happiness.

Even if your parent or loved one is already living in a senior living community, they may not be taking full advantage of everything that is available. The worst case scenario is now that you’ve made the emotional decision to move, they may not be adjusting well and this could spark more isolation and a decrease in overall health. A change in seasons can also spark a decline in mental health for our loved ones, especially those who may have recently lost a spouse or find it difficult to make and maintain new friends in a different environment. Although a retirement community may offer a variety of activities and physical wellness or rehabilitation, if they are not utilizing these features and are showing signs of confusion, forgetfulness or depression – it may be time to talk alternatives.

At Mountain Park Senior Living, we understand the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach to assisted living and that’s why we’ve realized the necessity for a program specializing in the needs of our residents who may suffer from Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). Those who suffer from MCI may not need help with daily activities but show signs of confusion, isolation and forgetfulness. The Residence Club SM at Mountain Park is a transitional memory care program that helps individuals who have memory issues, but are currently residing in assisted living and may not be ready for a full transition into a high level memory care program. This specialized group helps support the individuality of the resident by helping to maintain normal daily activities and provides a group of like-minded companions. One of the benefits of this program is you or your loved one can still remain in their selected assisted living apartments while also benefiting from full day of structured activities and socialization. In addition, weekly updates are provided to family members. Participating in this group can be just the adjustment needed to get your loved one out of their room and thriving again.

If you’ve noticed your loved one’s overall health and happiness may be waning at their current community, let us show you the difference our Residence Club SM can make. For more information about Mountain Park Senior Living or to schedule a tour, please call 602-457-1931 or visit us at