Spotlight on Advertiser – Saba & Romanin

Two Sun Lakes dentists chosen as Phoenix Magazine’s 2014 Top Dentists

Dr. Kent P. Saba and Dr. Robert D. Romanin, long time partners of Sun Lakes Dentistry, received peer voted recognition this fall as one of Phoenix magazine’s top dentists. Each year the magazine mails out 1600 surveys to randomly selected dentists throughout the valley. The survey asks the dentists to write the names of three dentists they deem the best. The surveys are then mailed back and tallied. So it is quite and honor to receive this award.

While Dr. Saba is a third generation Arizona native and grew up in Chandler, Dr. Romanin is also an Arizona native and grew up in the Arcadia area. The two of them met on their first day of dental school at the University of Southern California in 1979. The rest, as they say, is history. They formed a long and lasting friendship which resulted in their decision to start a dental practice together. They opened Sun Lakes Dentistry in October 1991; 23 years later, they are still happy to be working as a team in the Sun Lakes area.

When asked what either one of them attributed their success to, they both had similar answers. They both love their chosen profession and find it rewarding to help their patients meet their oral health needs in a caring, friendly, nonthreatening environment. Over the years they have formed friendships with their patients, so that when these patients arrive at the office, they feel like they are seeing members of their family. No two days are ever exactly the same, each one bringing a chance to make a difference in someone’s routine of “going to the dentist.”

Dr. Romanin has been married for over 25 years, has three beautiful children and two amazing grandchildren. Dr. Saba has been married for 23 years and is the adoring father of two daughters, one going to San Diego State University, the other just starting out at the University of Arizona.

One of Drs. Romanin and Saba’s top goals is to provide their staff with a workplace in which pride, expertise, integrity and loyalty can thrive. One of their back office assistants started working in the office within the first year it opened; most of the others have been here for many years.

Simply stated, Sun Lakes Dentistry is a great place. The doctors and staff look forward to meeting you as a first time patient or greeting you with a smile if you are already part of our family!

Spooner Physical Therapy brings “Health in Motion” to Sun Lakes

Spooner Physical Therapy moves into the Sun Lakes community! Spooner Physical Therapy is an outpatient rehabilitation practice dedicated to meeting the needs of our communities for over 20 years in the valley. At Spooner, our team is committed to an uncompromising focus on the patient experience and improving the vitality of each individual. Based on our founding principle of “Health in Motion,” our therapists combine skilled manual techniques with a functional approach to restoring healthy movement patterns in order to maximize physical potential. Our unique culture based on values and performance shows through our commitment to excellence at all levels of stakeholder engagement.

Sun Lakes is Spooner Physical Therapy’s 15th clinic location in the Phoenix Metro Area. Community support and integration is the number one priority at Spooner Physical Therapy, and looks to be a resource for health through movement to the residents. Services provided range from general orthopedics, total joint replacement rehabilitation, injury prevention, as well as the LSVT BIG program which supports the needs of individuals with Parkinson’s disease as well as aging and other conditions through movement.

“At Spooner Physical Therapy, our three-dimensional functional approach to treatment encompasses the entire kinetic chain of the body transforming the mind, body and spirit of our patients toward health and vitality.” — Tim Spooner, PT, FAFS CEO

In August, Spooner Physical Therapy moved into the physical therapy office at the Bashas’ Shopping Center through the acquisition of OPT Physical Therapy. Jessica Sorenson, PT, DPT and Tonya Becker, PT, DPT are the therapy clinicians supporting the physical therapy needs of the community. Please stop by to say hello and introduce yourself to the staff, or visit on-line at

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