Spotlight On Advertiser: Spooner Physical Therapy

Spooner Physical Therapy can meet all of your physical therapy needs.

Spooner Physical Therapy can meet all of your physical therapy needs.

Experience physical therapy the way it should be delivered! Spooner Physical Therapy in Sun Lakes is ready to show you how we can elevate your “Health in Motion” by focusing on you.

Each patient at Spooner Physical Therapy can expect a treatment program that is specific to them. Our therapists know that each patient requires individual attention and focus. We are dedicated to creating unique programs that address the root cause of injuries and result in excellent outcomes. Strength, flexibility, stabilization and coordination are the elements of movement that we study and facilitate with every exercise, no matter how simple. Our treatment approach encompasses the whole person by integrating movement and hands-on, manual techniques. Based on our founding principle of “Health in Motion,” our treatment plans promote the greatest health possible and enhance the body’s ability to heal.

Spooner Physical Therapy is a privately owned practice that has been serving and transforming our communities in the valley for over 26 years. Our success comes from our commitment to our patients of all ages and abilities as their partner in health for life. At Spooner, we bring the art and science of rehabilitation together to deliver an exceptional patient experience and a swift return to moving better and feeling better!

The team at Spooner Physical Therapy is made up of experts to address all of our community’s rehabilitation needs, including general orthopedics, return-to-sport, balance training, total joint rehabilitation, pelvic floor rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation, personal training and others. Come visit and experience Spooner.

“I have been to several different physical therapists since my accident four years ago. They have all had a similar “one size fits all” approach to my rehab even though my case is complicated. My primary care doctor sent me to Spooner and I couldn’t be happier. The approach to my rehab is unique and specific to my challenges. At other PT groups I’ve been handed off to an assistant, only spending five or 10 minutes; with the therapist at Spooner, I spend most of the time with the therapist and when a “tech” is working with me the tech is by my side the whole time, making sure that I’m doing the exercises correctly. I would recommend Spooner PT with no reservations”—Bette J.