Spotlight on Advertiser – Sun Lakes Realty

Sun Lakes Realty celebrating 25 years of service

Sun Lakes Realty, Inc. is very proud to be celebrating 25 years of service to the people and community of Sun Lakes. What began in the new year of 1990 as a resale and property management real estate office is today still a thriving part of the community. We are active in the community, through our many agents and staff who give of their time, service, donations and support of charitable organizations serving Sun Lakes. We want to thank our client base, the wonderful residents of Sun Lakes, who have grown to appreciate us, as we have grown to revere them. We are here because of you and will continue to provide the service you expect and demand of us at Sun Lakes Realty.

Should you need our services to determine what your house market value is, when to list, when to buy or get some ideas on rental information, feel free to give us a call or stop by just for a chat. No obligation! Our experienced staff, some (half) with over 20 years at Sun Lakes Realty, stand ready to help you with all of your real estate needs. Pay us a visit; we’ll keep the coffee pot on!