Spotlight on Advertiser: Dentally Exhausted? There Is Hope!

Kent Howell, DMD, MS, and Nate Farley DDS, MS, FACP

Do you feel like, despite all your investments of time and money, you continue to lose the battle with your smile? Have you tried root canals, crowns, partials, or even dentures but continue to need more confidence, the ability to eat the foods you want, or feel uncomfortable laughing and smiling around people? Revive Dental Implant Center refers to what you’re going through as being dentally exhausted, and we have the best solution. How would you like a complete reset, a solution that gives back the smile, confidence, and life you’ve lost? There is hope!

The loss of your smile has affected your life already in so many ways. It affects your health, eating, confidence, self-esteem, fear of being in specific situations, and anxiety related to what is going on in your mouth. These things can isolate you from friends and family. That’s not the way anyone should have to live.

Revive Dental Implant Center is the vision of Kent Howell, DMD, MS, and Nate Farley, DDS, MS, FACP. Our doctors have narrowed their focus to those looking for help when faced with losing their teeth or struggling with dentures. We have built our practice around efficiencies and cost savings. We have assembled everything under one roof! Most dental offices follow a different model involving three separate businesses—usually a surgeon, a lab, and the dentist delivering the teeth. How does this help our patients? We offer it as a single entity—a surgical center with general anesthesia, our in-house lab (Renew Digital Design), and doctors specialized in designing and creating your custom smile! Our all-under-one-roof center changes the game, and these savings are passed on to you.

Our implant center features the latest in digital dentistry, where we’ve utilized cutting-edge technologies to allow for shorter appointments with more accurate outcomes. We use 3D imaging for every step of the process … no more goopy impressions! 3D allows us to predictably and accurately recreate the smile you want. While most offices send all of this to another lab, our doctors work beside our technicians.

If you or a loved one is dentally exhausted, there is hope. Please join us for our Dental Implant Seminar on May 19 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Friendship Room. See what’s possible: Revive Your Smile, Revive Your Confidence, and Revive Your Life!

Revive Dental Implant Center, 1056 S. Val Vista Drive, Suite 103, Mesa, AZ 85204; 480-832-1375; [email protected]