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According to the International SPA Association (ISPA), the spa industry surpassed $16.3 billion in 2017 and is forecasted to steadily increase over the foreseeable future. New spas continue to pop up all over the Valley, and with this influx of businesses, it would be prudent to ask, “In whose hands am I placing the care of my skin in?”

Aestheticians are trained professionals who specialize in the care of skin. There are two important steps aestheticians should take before providing services. The first step should be a discussion with the client regarding their medical history, any medications currently taken, allergies and skin care products used at home. This allows the provider to look closely for contraindications or factors that would make specific treatments inadvisable. The second step is skin analysis. The area of the body being treated is cleansed and a magnifying lamp is used to look for certain aspects before proceeding with any treatment. Examples of factors being examined include skin type (e.g. dry, oily), skin condition (e.g. sun damage, rosacea) and anything seen that should be looked at by a dermatologist.

Most skin care procedures are safe, but some have potential risks. A consumer should look for an aesthetician that is interested in individualized treatments and be cautious of choosing someone that does not place priority on the client’s medical history and skin analysis. These two factors help to ensure the safety of the client. Some procedures, including chemical peels, require prior skin preparation. It is best to do some research and ask questions as, sadly, some providers are more interested in the sale than the client’s welfare.

Mobile aestheticians are rising in popularity, offering a variety of discreet services in a client’s home (or office) and bringing with it advantages over choosing a traditional spa environment. All the necessary equipment is brought to the client and appointments are scheduled according to the individual’s availability, often including nights and weekends. Once the services are completed, the client is free to continue relaxing without a drive home. Mobile aesthetics offers the utmost in privacy and comfort as treatments are done in the client’s own personal surroundings. Men often feel hesitant to enter into a customary day spa as the environment predominately caters to female clients. At-home treatments allow the client to keep their services confidential.

The greatest advantage of mobile services is it creates a more personal relationship between the client and the aesthetician. Providers often work independently and are not under the pressure of tiered systems of compensation for their services; this frees them to place a greater focus on the client’s safety and skin care goals, versus striving to meet corporate sales expectations. Although mobile aestheticians are economically minded, they create their own schedules where more time can be allotted to listen to the client’s needs and work with them to reach their desired aesthetic outcomes.

Melanie Townsend, Licensed Aesthetician, Sun Lakes resident, 316-210-4615,