Spotlight On Advertiser: Local law firm marks milestone – Morris Hall


Arizona and New Mexico law firm, Morris Hall PLLC, was honored at the annual Spring Summit hosted by the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys in Las Vegas, NV, this past weekend. The conference marked the 25th Anniversary of the Academy, a national organization dedicated to promoting excellence in estate planning, and Morris Hall was honored as one of the Academy’s charter members. As part of the celebration, Academy founders Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch took time to recognize Theron M Hall, Jr., Senior Partner of Morris Hall, for his participation, contributions and friendship over the last 25 years.

Morris Hall joined over 100 estate planning law firms from around the country at the conference, which provided the attorneys with a variety of legal education on estate planning and elder law topics, including asset protection, special needs planning, developments in estate tax law and the basics of basis.

Over the past two and a half decades, the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys has become the premier national organization promoting excellence in estate planning by providing member attorneys with research and continuing education in estate planning, business planning and tax laws.

According to co-founder Sanford M. Fisch, “When Robert Armstrong and I started the Academy in 1993, we had a vision and a passion for helping other attorneys transform their law firms into thriving enterprises with deep meaning, not just for the attorneys, but for their clients and their communities. It’s nice to take some time to pause and reflect on the past 25 years, but we’re also excited as we look toward what the future holds for the Academy and its members.”

For Morris Hall, joining the Academy 25 years ago fast-tracked the firm’s evolution into the estate planning practice it is today; one that stays on the cutting edge of legal matters while keeping the firm focused on continually enhancing each client’s experience.

“Academy membership has given us the education, training, coaching and resources to expand our practice while ensuring our clients and their experience stay at the center of the firm’s focus,” says Theron M Hall, Jr. “The Summit was a nice opportunity to pause and reflect on the past 25 years, but it was also an exciting glimpse at what’s next in terms of the technological advances and the new legal strategies I’ll be able to use to help my clients.”

Morris Hall PLLC has devoted its practice to estate planning matters for more than 40 years and has been a member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys since 1993. Morris Hall is one of only two of firms in Phoenix to be admitted to Academy membership. The firm has helped thousands of clients meet their estate planning goals and pass on meaningful legacies to their loved ones. To learn more about how you can achieve your estate planning goals, please call 602-249-1328 or visit Media inquiries on estate planning topics are also welcome.