Spotlight On Advertiser: New Restaurant Owner Not from Mexico Really Knows Food

Brandon Moyle, owner, Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill-Chandler

Brandon Moyle, owner, Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill-Chandler

David Taylor

So why does a young man from Clifton, Idaho, about as far away from the Mexican border as you can get, partner with a Mexican Food Restaurant franchise in Chandler and expect to be successful? Well, living in Mexico for two years and being fluent in Spanish is a good start. Brandon Moyle is the new partner/operator of Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill–Chandler, on the southwest corner of Ocotillo and Arizona Avenue in Chandler. After returning from his time in Mexico, he worked for his father’s electrical company for many years as a certified electrician. During that time, he always dreamed of one day owning a franchise of some kind.

Fate led him to fulfill his dream. Moyle was really into sports from the time he was a kid. Baseball, football, basketball, and motocross were his sports outlets. Over the years of sports participation, he managed to break 33 bones, survive nine shoulder surgeries, and have a complete shoulder replacement. So, years later, pulling electrical wire for his dad was getting a little difficult. With his father’s support and blessing, he partnered with Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill franchise in Chandler.

Moyle has now been in the restaurant industry for two years. The drive to succeed is what propelled him in sports, in his electrical career, and now in his dream of being an entrepreneur. His mantra for success is “everything matters and everything speaks.” Moyle’s father instilled a strong work ethic in him, and probably in his six siblings as well. He is the youngest of the seven.

Choosing Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill as his franchise opportunity was a perfect fit. His experience living in Mexico taught him what authentic, quality Mexican food should taste like. This allowed him to know that Costa Vida had the product he could be proud to serve. Tortillas are the staple of the Mexican cuisine. Costa Vida specializes in freshly made, authentic style tortillas. The fresh ingredients used to make their salsas and sauces unique also make them better tasting, especially wrapped in their fresh made tortillas.

Come meet Brandon Moyle and enjoy the Baja-style counter-serve tacos and burritos, as well as the gluten free options Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill in Chandler offers. Ultimate fresh Mex made your way–exactly as you love it!

COVID has hit the restaurant industry hard. Yet, that has not deterred Moyle. He is the face of the young American businessperson, who will succeed, despite the adversity of the times. Look for his BOGO coupon offer in the ad in this paper, and go enjoy a meal. You’ll be glad you did!

Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill is located at 4010 S. Arizona Avenue #2, Chandler AZ 85248 and can be reached at 480-883-9844.