Spring cleaning?

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It�s that time of year again, isn�t it? Time for spring housecleaning! Now, a lot of people think that spring cleaning means just cleaning your home thoroughly, and while this is the case, it is also the case that you take the time to clear your home of any unwanted belongings in order to give it and yourself a new lease of life. When it comes to the cleaning, I always look for tips to make it a little easier for myself, I’ve even been known to ask for advice from the commercial janitorial services staff at work as they always know so many great hacks. It can be a long, time-consuming task as you’re dealing with the trickier areas that you usually avoid day to day, for example moving furniture out to clean behind it, but the feeling you get when it’s all completed is brilliant. It really does feel like a fresh start. I’m sure this is a very busy time for NICK’S Window Cleaning service given that most of us have probably neglected our windows over the winter months. Over the last few weeks, I�ve been cleaning out my closet. As a result, I�ve taken bags and bags of clothes, knick-knacks and books to local donation sites, places that will sort through everything and prepare the items for resale.

On my most recent trip, I included a pink skort (a pair of shorts overlaid with a short skirt) that when I wore a pink top with it, my brother Guy said I looked like a bottle of Pepto Bismol! Humph! Younger brothers!

As I went through my closet looking for clothes to donate, I found several items that I hadn�t worn for ages but which I had held onto thinking, �One of these days, I�ll wear that again.� The clothes were a part of who I am, part of my past, so it was with some reluctance that I eventually took them off the hangers, folded them up and put them in bags. I even enlisted my daughter�s advice when I couldn�t make a decision about what should go and what should stay.

At times, it�s hard letting go, whether it is clothes we don�t wear, knick-knacks whose space is more desired than their company or books we no longer read! However, it�s not only hard to let go of things we possess, it�s hard to let go of feelings or emotions that have become so much a part of us that we are reluctant to be rid of them. Maybe it was a mean word that was said, an intended or an unintended slight or maybe it was a difference of opinion. In the end, what was said or done took precedence over a relationship, and the relationship suffered. Time has passed, and the memory of the hard feelings remains, and yet, maybe it�s time for some �soul� cleaning, a time for letting go and restoring the relationship!

When it is hard to let go, we need to remember Jesus� invitation, �Come to me, all you who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.� (Matthew 11:28). Is it time for some soul spring cleaning? If so, trust Jesus to do the cleaning and the healing of your soul!