Spring Inspires Desert Artists

Veterans Oasis Park just before sunset

Veterans Oasis Park just before sunset

Sue Sindelar

Spring has sprung here in the Valley, even if it isn’t official for a few weeks. Residents are outside working in their yards, planting new flowers, and enjoying the wonderful weather by walking and biking. We are taking in some of the best nature views as spring unfolds its magic. As artists, it provides endless opportunities and ideas to put on canvas or paper. We need only to pick up a brush and take the time to create something beautiful, inspired by our sunrises and sunsets, the new blooms opening in nature, and our animal friends chirping happily and scampering playfully, as they feel the rush of a renewal of life. Head over to Veterans Oasis Park and snap a photo or sketch your art to paint from. This East Valley jewel is on the northeast corner of Chandler Heights and Lindsey Road. Enter just past Lindsey on the left. Google it if you haven’t experienced this gem to see all it has to offer. Ah spring, always glorious.

So, Desert Artists Club members, keep painting or get back to painting and creating what you love most. We have the time now to begin afresh and do what brings us joy. We surely will miss Art At The Lakes this month, but remember, it has been postponed to October. We will be able to experience, once again, this most enjoyable annual event, and if you are planning on displaying and selling any of your art, now is the time to create for that.

Looking forward to meeting again. For those of you artists who are new to Sun Lakes, our Desert Artists Club normally meets all year long, every Tuesday from 3 to 6 p.m., in the Ceramics Room (A-8) in Cottonwood. Our art club meets to promote development among artists of all experience levels and media. We are a fun group who have created lasting friendships, while encouraging each other in our individual artistic endeavors.

All Sun Lakes residents are welcome when we begin to gather safely again. For further information, you may contact me at [email protected] or 480-745-2198, and please leave a message.