St. Stevens parishioners post fourth respect life billboard

Through the generous financial support and prayers of the parishioners of St. Steven’s Church, Sun Lakes, Arizona and working with the Gila River Displays Company for the third time, a pro-life billboard was placed at l-10 north of Queen Creek Road and south of Pecos Road facing south, west lane at the Premium Outlets on Monday, May 18. It is 14 feet by 48 feet, illuminated and will be up for four months.

St. Steven’s Parish worked with Gila River Displays under the direction of Mr. Steve Gonzales and the artwork was completed by Mr. Rob Richards of Eller Creative Group, Phoenix Arizona. The billboard reads, “Heartbeat Eighteen Days After Conception, Don’t Abort, We’ll Adopt, 1-888-818-4445, Sponsored by St. Steven’s Parishioners, Sun Lakes, AZ.” Over 70,000 vehicles pass the billboard everyday as well as 4 million to 5 million shoppers visit the Premium Outlets Mall annually.

The message on the billboard is geared to the mothers and fathers who might be experiencing a problem pregnancy and need the services and advice of counselors and medical personnel who can explain their options and help them to make the proper choice for them and their unborn babies. They can also receive financial assistance, food items, supplies, clothing, transportation and help with their other needs before and after the baby is born working with members and groups of the parish.

Every day, more than 3,300 women wake up in America believing abortion is the only realistic solution to an unplanned pregnancy. In this tragic decision, not only is a human life ended, but also a woman’s life is changed forever.

Multiple opportunities are available throughout the United States for couples and families who do not want to keep their babies who, out of an act of love, give their babies up for adoption to a loving couple unable to have babies. St. Steven’s Catholic Church is a safe-haven and babies can be dropped off at safe-havens such as churches, hospitals, fire stations and police stations with no questions asked and no name given if the mother and father or other person would prefer to do that.

Since 1973, almost 60,000,000 babies have been aborted and that number amounts to over one sixth of the present population of the Unite States. That is a staggering number of babies who have died in the last 42 years. Looking at a map of the United States, and only the western section from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, 17 states would have their populations completely deleted due to abortion. Imagine all the gifts lost from these precious innocents.

Please drive by and view the culmination of the many donations from St. Steven’s parishioners that were most necessary in order to achieve the billboard posting. If anyone is in need of pregnancy assistance or knows anyone in need, please call St. Steven’s Parish Office at 480-895-9266, Extension 0.