Stand tall, don’t fall

Kim Kubsch

Falling down is life; getting up is living. When we stand tall with strong posture, our balance will be the beneficiary. But what happens when we sit? How do you feel your body suffers from prolonged sitting? Here are adverse effects on the body that can occur from sitting for too long:

* Low energy expenditure

* Slower metabolism

* Compromised posture

* Back and spine injuries

* Reduced social skills

* Loneliness or depression

* Metabolic Syndrome

* Chronic pain

* Tight hip muscles found in front of the leg, which can limit hip range of motion affecting posture and the walking stride

* Weakens the gluteal (buttocks) muscles, because these muscles do not move when you sit

* Affects trunk stability and weakens abdominal muscles which may result in a slouched standing posture

Reduce your sitting, stand tall, enjoy our balance or Tai Chi class at Sun Lakes Country Club, and you will be less likely to fall!

Class Schedule:

* Better Balance class for all abilities – Sun Lakes Country Club Mirror Room on Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. No class August 22 and 29 and November 28.

* Tai Chi-Qigong class (mixed levels) – Sun Lakes Country Club Mirror Room on Thursdays, 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. No class August 22 and 29 and November 28.

Drop in anytime; all ages and abilities are welcome. $5.00 fee per class and wear comfortable clothing and rubber-soled shoes with a back. Sit or stand, whichever your body finds comfort in.

For more information about classes focusing on safe movements, balance, fall prevention, and Tai Chi-Qigong by Kim Kubsch, visit

Kim’s balance and Tai Chi-Qigong DVDs Hello Tai Chi, Goodbye Stress, Forever Young Tai Chi, and Make Your Balance Great Again can be purchased on her website or at any class. She can be contacted at [email protected] or call 480-392-3436.