State Farm cruises to Sun Division title

The Sun Division Champions: Front row (left to right): Kelly Anderson, Mgr. Ron Carmichael, Billy Kee, Tim Loeffler, Dennis Bernaiche and Jack Martin. Standing (left to right): Tom Bersano, Bill Corso, Steve Hilby, Bob Wicks, Rick Oien and Reyes Gonzales (Photo by Core Photography, LLC)

Larry Wolfe

The State Farm Insurance team, sponsored by the Ralph Vasquez Agency and managed by Ron Carmichael, cruised to the Winter League championship in the Sun Division, compiling a stellar record of 16-2. They outpaced the second place Farmers Insurance squad by a full eight games with the Farmers finishing with an 8-8 mark. The State Farm team featured three of the top four hitters in the Division. Steve Hilby was at number one with a .802 average, followed by second place Reyes Gonzales at .791 and fourth place Bob Wicks at .724.

Top Ten hitters from other teams were Dan Melosi (.742 at #3) and numbers five through ten as follows: Chuck Hamby (.684), Paul Gayer (.682), Tom Chilton (.680), Mike Lebet (.680), Tom Kasunic (.677) and Tim Loeffler (.669).

Our Spring Session is now well underway and will continue through April 5. It will be followed by our “year-end” tournament, cookout and awards ceremony. The double-elimination tourney will be held on April 9, 11 and 12 with the cookout and awards ceremony on the 11th.

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