Strike Zone: Hits & Misses Bowling League Results

Ruth Andersen

February High Scratch Series and High Scratch Games:

High Scratch Series:

2/01. Men: Hal Newton 688, Rick Bell 539; Women: Sharon Zubchevich 532, Ruth Andersen 449

2/08. Men: Rick Bell 567, Tim Billman 524; Women: Sharon Zubchevich 589, Tammy Visser 457

2/15. Men: Bob Welch 607, Eldon Drenthe 553; Women: Ruth Andersen 542, Sheryl Anderson 454

2/22. Men: Tim Billman 568, Bob Welch 533; Women: Sharon Zubchevich 474, Ruth Andersen 416

High Scratch Game:

2/01. Men: Tim Billman 207, Steve Hull 171; Women: Bobi Lebowich 179, Tammy Visser 167

2/08. Men: Bob Welch 193, Hal Newton 192; Women: Ruth Andersen 182, Sheryl Anderson 156

2/15. Men: Tim Billman 224, Steve Hull 204; Women: Bobi Lebowich 179, Fran Bowman 167

2/22. Men: Rick Bell 213, Steve Hull 183; Women: Bobi Lebowich 158, Inez Scheer 143

It seems only a few more weeks of bowling—April 12 being our last day of 27. Another interesting season of ups and downs. Hopefully, in the fall, we will be seeing many more familiar faces and lots of new ones.

Always a good and fun time to start off the week on Monday mornings and see those we haven’t seen during the week and most of the summer, and greet new members.

New and previous bowlers, please call Rick Bell at 661-713-8855 to sign up for our fall start, the latter part of September, 2021. Meeting and start dates to follow.