Summer heat is here! Use caution with your pets

Protect you pets from summer heat!

Protect your pets from summer heat! Looking after your pets and protecting them is important, you may want to check out barkbox dog toys and treat your fluffy fury friends to some fun, and make sure they get fed and watered whilst exercising!

With the hot weather comes a different set of rules for our four-legged kids. Be mindful of the dangers in our summer heat for both you and your pets.

Hydration: Water is very, very important for your four-legged kids. Dehydration can cause serious health issues including kidney and heart damage. Don’t forget to take water for your dog on your walks.

Car precautions: Never ever leave your pet in the car during our hot Arizona summers – not even with the windows cracked. Did you know that on an 85 degree day, in less than 10 minutes the inside of your car’s interior can reach 102 degrees, even when the windows have been left open an inch or two? When the temperature is a pleasant 70 degrees, within 30 minutes the car’s interior can reach 120 degrees. So, in Arizona there is no such thing as just running into Circle K for a coffee. If you see a dog in a parked car alert store management; if the owner does not return immediately, call 911.

Heatstroke: If out in the direct sun, with sustained exercise, heatstroke can occur within five minutes. Watch for a red tongue, dark red gums, panting hard, pacing and breathing rapidly. Get the dog to a cool, shady, breezy spot and offer small amounts of water, relax him to bring his body temperature down. Pour cool water (not ice water) or put wet towels on his body. If he is losing consciousness place him on his side and be sure his tongue is pulled out so he can breathe. The dog is going into shock and you must get him to a vet for intravenous fluids immediately. Alternatively, you might want to think about having a cooling system installed into your home so that it can help to keep your dog (and yourself) cool during the warmer weather. If you don’t have one already and you think that this is something you might be interested in, then you should follow this link for more information.

Hot asphalt: Take you shoes off, walk on the asphalt. If it is too hot for you it is definitely too hot for your dog. Arizona asphalt can reach temperature in excess of 143 degrees. At 125 degrees skin destruction can occur in 60 seconds. An egg can fry in five minutes at 131 degrees. Even with an air temperature of 77 degrees the asphalt can reach 125 degrees. (Data source: Thermal contact burns from streets and highways; Journal of the American Medical Association). v