Summer months at the SLWA

Ellie Clark

On a much smaller scale, our membership continues to work throughout the summer months. Preparation for our Annual Flea Market and Bazaar is ongoing and involves receiving, pricing and boxing up the items we hope to sell at the bazaar. If you have items that you wish to donate, we would appreciate a timely notice so that we can arrange for our volunteers to pick them up.

We appreciate the letters of thanks we receive from family members thanking us for our assistance.

Members continue to meet each Monday from 9:00-11:00 a.m. in the Sun Lakes CC Arts and Crafts Room throughout the summer. This is a good time for new members to become acquainted with the Association, as the atmosphere is far less hectic than at other times of the year.

Many former members have moved on to live with family or in assisted living facilities. If you are one of them, please feel free to drop by anytime and say hello to your many old friends and/or to let us know if you have news of any other former members. There is always a pot of coffee and plenty of treats to go around and, most of all, you are always welcome.