Summer PAL notice

Mary Scala

Here we are, friends of PAL – the final column for this season. Holy cow, where did it go? Maybe I just woke up. No, that’s not right, I guess you and I have struggled through the months. But, hey I’m still here and so are they who must obeyed (Board of Directors), and so are you, all the steady friends who look forward to my attempts at informing and amusing you. Now come on admit it I can be amusing once in a while.

We will take a break and be back in September. I know you will miss me and miss my snarky comments about our fearless leaders (and just between you and me, everything I say about them is true) who work so hard to keep the opera, ballet, Coffee Classics and theater going. We need to keep the buses and cars rolling, so become a member of PAL this summer and we will help you get to the theaters without having to drive.

Membership is only $10 a single or $15 a couple and as a member you can bring your car to Cottonwood and leave it there until the bus or car brings you back. You won’t have to worry about parking and our excellent drivers will get you back and forth in comfort and safety. Once you are a member you can go all the performances you choose for only $20 roundtrip. So this summer, while you are nice and cool in your lovely air-conditioned home send a check for membership to Lois at 480-883-0674; if you have a question about opera call Vera at 480-895-9679; about ballet or Coffee Classics call Lynn at 480-883-0671; and theater call Pat at 480-339-0283 or Mary at 480-802-9354.

Remember, I will be back in the Splash in September. From all of us in PAL we wish you all a safe and healthy summer. So long, Mary.