Summer’s Escape

Trestle by Karen Melching

Trestle by Karen Melching

Summer is here! Outdoor nature photography options increase with the nicer weather and extended daylight. In Arizona, activities like hiking, camping and boating bring added precautions like higher temperatures and crowds. Keep in mind to stay cool, be cool and think cool. In addition, our Copper State’s cities and towns attract summer photographers with a myriad of interesting subjects to shoot, such as street scenes, interesting people and architecture.

For some, Arizona’s summer heat makes it a prime time for global travel. Travel photography provides very interesting subject matter from landscapes and food to cultural landmarks and indigenous people. Wherever you may travel, be respectful of your surroundings, tip your travel guides, stay on designated hiking paths and be safe. For those sticking closer to home, it is wise to keep plenty of water on hand and best to shoot your ideal image during the early morning hours. The following link provides some great tips for your summer photography,

Rich in history, July’s image of the month belongs to Karen Melching taken with her Nikon D3100 at f/5.6, 1/1000 and ISO 400. With her love for travel, Karen photographed Trestle at Hatcher Pass, Willow, Alaska in what is now Independence Mine State Historical Park. Robert Lee Hatcher discovered and staked the first lode gold mine in September, 1906. The mine survived a wartime ban during World War II only to succumb to postwar inflation and capitalism forcing it to close its doors in January, 1951. As a mode of transporting the mine’s treasure, Trestle successfully documented Karen’s visit along with its breathtaking vista. Find out more about Independence Mine by visiting

Photography 101 will again commence this fall. The course, open to all Sun Lakes residents, is best suited for beginners wishing to improve their digital photography skills beyond Point-and-Shoot. The ten-class course will run Mondays from 7:00-9:00 p.m., starting November 12. To reserve a spot, contact Dan Dragoon at [email protected] Space is limited.

Due to the Fourth of July holiday, our next meeting will be held on Thursday, August 7 in the Ceramics Room at the Cottonwood Country Club from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Have a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend!

The Sun Lakes Camera Club (SLCC) meets the first and third Thursdays, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Navajo Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club from October through April. During the summer, the club meets the first Thursday of each month in the Ceramics Room of the Cottonwood Country Club. For more information about the SLCC and its activities visit our website at or call SLCC President John Livoti at 480-895-6880, Vice President Burt Williams at 602-354-0266 or past President Fred Giese at 480-220-4394.