Sun Lakes Aero Club Members Visit Sky Harbor Tower, TRACON

Gary Vacin

Fifteen Sun Lakes Aero Club members and guests had a rare opportunity to visit the Sky Harbor Airport control tower and TRACON (Traffic Control Center) facility March 3. Club Activities Director Joe Igelmund organized the trip.

The visitors were split into two groups. One visited the tower, where they enjoyed a panoramic view of the airport and countryside, including numerous aircraft landing and taking off from the airport’s three runways.

The other group visited the TRACON, where they observed air traffic controllers in action communicating with and tracking aircraft within 30 miles of the airport on their radar scopes.

Also included was a tour of the tower simulator where students have an opportunity to simulate and direct airport activity in a wide variety of weather conditions. Each group then visited the other facility.

Making the trip were Wally Amundson, Joe Ballis, Robert Butt, Mario Carranza, Sam Fisch, Jim Haytas, Phil Hollavoet, Steve Horowitz, Joe Igelmund, Len Knecht, Richard Onken, John Ovrebo, Jim Theobald, Joe Tighe, and John Wood.

Rounding out the club’s activities for 2019-2020 will be a field trip to the Barry Goldwater Gunnery Range April 9, the group’s monthly gathering April 20, and the season-ending picnic April 24.

For additional information on the club, contact Cannon Hill at 509-539-7857 or Gary Vacin at 480-298-7017.