Sun Lakes Apple Club to present iMovie for beginners

Mike Canterbury will present his iMovie class to the Apple Club.

Mike Canterbury will present his iMovie class to the Apple Club.

Jan Bobbett

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Just imagine how much a short video can enhance your favorite subject. In the Apple Club class in September, you can get iMovie help from a seasoned user.

Sun Lakes Apple Club instructor Mike Canterbury will be presenting his Video Editing Class using Apple’s iMovie for iPhone (and iPad) in our September 9 class. He also presents a follow-up workshop on September 16. This follows our usual approach of offering a class one week and following up with a workshop on the same topic the following week. In the workshop, Mike will include additional pointers as well as time for questions and answers. Both sessions are held in Cottonwood’s Phoenix Room (near the pool).

This class will cover filming techniques, creating a project, importing shots, trimming shots and using iMovie’s built-in editing tools. Mike will also cover adding titles and music to your finished video.

Our follow-up workshop will cover exporting your movie and sharing it with the use of iCloud. Mike will do a brief overview of exporting and carry on from there.

Mike requests that you get a bit of practice using iMovie before the September 9 class. He suggests you film three or four scenes of your favorite subject, which can be grandchildren, pets, flowers — you name it. Be sure you hold your iPhone or iPad in landscape, horizontally for the best shot. If possible, download the latest version of iMovie for iPhone and iPad. Apple has added many new features in this latest update.

To make sure we have seating for all those who want to attend, the club asks you to RSVP at the club website,

The Apple Club has additional events going on. For example, Gary Tougas and Mike Canterbury are holding one-on-one Q&A sessions by appointment only for individual users on Friday mornings — another good reason to find out more about the club and its events. On the website, check under Home/Upcoming Events or Blogs.