Sun Lakes author receives rave reviews

Sun Lakes Country Club resident and author R.H. Yocom

Sun Lakes Country Club resident and author R.H. Yocom

“Yocom is the Thriller Genre’s Best Kept Secret,” so says Amazon reviewer H. G. Smith about Darkest Hour: a Tony Alisone Thriller, a newly published novel by Sun Lakes Country Club resident R. H. Yocom. Smith goes on to say the book “is wild and unpredictable, a brew of modern technology and ancient shamanic practices.”

Darkest Hour blends shamanism, modern technology, and the special skills of one FBI agent, Tony Alisone, as they collide with the world’s largest conglomeration of international corporations and governments in their quest to dominate the world’s economy. Their plan is to cripple the physical infrastructure of the United States of America in a far flung series of coordinated attacks scheduled to commence in 72 hours. The explosion of West Coast Air flight 107 over Orange County, California, and a WMD threat in Washington DC lead the FBI and HLS on a wild goose chase, leaving Tony to scrape together a band of unlikely resources to chase down leads that point in another direction. With overwhelming evidence, he is able to gather national and local resources necessary to thwart the plans of this wicked enemy.

Here are two more reviews abstracted from Amazon:

“I could not put the book down! This book was so well edited and, obviously, very well researched. There was no cliché writing. Action and tension! Very good. I am not into mysticism, per se, although I am curious about it and, thus, that drew me on to the end. I found the American Indian sections very informative. I was even deeply moved at certain points. I also appreciated the use of the last chapter/s for the explanation of American Indian beliefs. I thought that technique was very well done.”

“Good quick read. Fast paced from cover to cover. Native American spirituality adds an interesting twist to the plot and the wrap-up. Enjoyable book.”

Living in Sun Lakes since 2010, Yocom’s professional career was in the field of computer technology and information systems. In the 1960s he was a pioneer developer of business systems for corporations and state and local governments. The 1970s saw him in Chief Information Officer roles and the 1980s and ‘90s as a consultant. In 1995, he had a heart transplant. During the period of time before and after the transplant, he had profound spiritual experiences which led him to explore the world’s religions and pagan practices. Yocom’s first novel, Ea$y Money: A Tony Alisone Thriller, was published in 2011 and is available on Amazon.

Darkest Hour is also available on iBooks and is scheduled for release on Nook later this summer. To find out more about the book and keep up-to-date on developments go to