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Larry Tyree

Larry Tyree

Larry Tyree’s Sci-Fi adventure

Long-time Sun Lakes resident Larry Tyree has just published the novel Accidental Traveler Time Port Santa Fe, a time-travel adventure based in the early 1940s.

The main character, Tyler Farnsworth, up and coming entrepreneur, departed Phoenix in the summer of 1991 a broken man. He had once been a successful real estate agent in the East Valley. He’d always “dressed to the nines” as the cliché went, expensive tailored suits and custom dress shirts with his initials embroidered on the sleeve.

Coworkers would seek him out for advice, and friends wanted him as their “wingman” because of his good looks and demeanor. His life had been the envy of most of the men he knew, and the ladies always seemed to be jockeying for his attention. But a short courtship and failed marriage to Gwenn would soon change all that.

Landing in the timeless city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tyler finds his troubles have just begun. Upon buying a run-down abandoned ranch known as Rancho Santa Cruz, he disregards warnings about strange happenings and disappearances on the property. Tyler’s life is turned upside down when he accidentally discovers a sophisticated futuristic time port on his property. Suddenly flung back to the year 1941, Tyler struggles with the onset of World War II and the people of the Tesuque Valley, especially one Annie Sullivan.

Step back in time with Ty as he tries to find his way home to 1991 while dealing with danger, intrigue, suspense, and of course love. Will he find his way back or more importantly; will he want too?

For more information, you may contact the author at [email protected] His book is available on Amazon in both print and eBook formats. It is also available at most other eBook sites.