Sun Lakes Ballroom Dance Club announces new officers

John Yu and Esther Rita Adkins

John Yu and Esther Rita Adkins

John Yu

Fellow current and future ballroom dancers, it is my honor and pleasure to serve as your next president of the Sun Lakes Sunday Dance Club for the 2017-2018 season. First, let me acknowledge those volunteers who served before me at this club, to whom we all owe quite a lot. Our outgoing presidents are Bill Phillips and Janet Quade. It was mentioned to me that Bill and Janet were presidents in 2003 and have served in some officer capacity almost every year. To them, a very grateful “thank you and see you at the next dance.” In addition, retiring from her capacity as treasurer is Shirley Marshall. Shirley lost her husband and dance partner a short time ago. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with her. Thank you, Shirley, until you return to dancing with us again.

It is because of them and other past and present board members, that I and others can enjoy at least one Sunday evening a month at the San Tan Ballroom, dancing and socializing with the best of friends while listening to nostalgic Big Band music.

Now let me introduce our other current and new board members. Still our vice president and membership chair are Bev and Don Dorge. Our secretary and publisher of articles in the Splash, as you all know, are Stu and Deana Frost. New to the position of treasurer are Carol and Tim Tyrrell.

To stay current with the relentlessly-changing world of communications, our club has implemented a website. It is At this site, you can find all the current information you need about our dance club, including the remaining and future dance venues. You can sign up for one single dance or for the entire season there. All the officers’ contact information is provided, so anyone can call or email with questions.

Again, it is my privilege and honor to be the club’s next president. I look forward to getting to know every member and new members. I invite you to check out our website and come as a guest to future dances and take a look for yourself!