Sun Lakes Chapel available for special services and more

Martha Garrison

The Sun Lakes Chapel had its Treasure Sale on Oct. 18 and 19, 2019, in the Chapel Center and parking lot of the church. The proceeds of this sale are used by the chapel board to offset costs to maintain the chapel facilities.

“Treasures” were many, and shoppers were lucky enough to pick them up at bargain prices. A special thanks to those who donated items, picked up items, stored until time of sale, unpacked and priced items, cashiers, served food to the workers, assisted shoppers, and clean-up.

The sale was manned by volunteers from the Sun Lakes Jewish congregation, Sun Lakes Community Church, Sun Lakes Lutheran Church, and the United Church of Christ. The four congregations each meet in the chapel for worship services and share the use of the Chapel Center.

The Sun Lakes Chapel is an inter-faith facility available for special services, such as weddings, funerals, concerts, etc. The Chapel Center is located next to the Chapel and is also available for various activities, including meetings or dinners. For more information, please contact Bill Townsend, president, at [email protected]