Sun Lakes Chapel renewal underway

Sun Lakes Garden Club President Marge Mogel presents a check to John Manke, president of the Sun Lakes Chapel Board of Directors.

Sun Lakes Garden Club President Marge Mogel presents a check to John Manke, president of the Sun Lakes Chapel Board of Directors.

Doug Ross

The Sun Lakes Chapel Board of Directors is busy these days refurbishing the Sun Lakes Chapel. The chapel is home to four congregations: Sun Lakes Lutheran, Sun Lakes Community, Sun Lakes United Church of Church of Christ and the Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation.

The interior of the 350-seat auditorium has been repainted and will be re-carpeted soon.

A new ramp providing access for wheelchairs onto the platform has been completed. Other renewal efforts are under consideration, including installation of a looping system to enhance hearing for those with impaired hearing.

“Spiritual renewal is what churches offer any community, and we are pleased to serve four distinctly different congregations. Our job as a board of directors is to make the facility available and attractive for each of the churches we serve,” stated John Manke, president of the Sun Lakes Chapel Board of Directors.

The board is made up of three representatives from each of the four congregations. Funding for the chapel is provided by usage fees contributed by each congregation, an annual Treasure Sale, a restaurant raffle as well as contributions, often contributed in honor of or in memory of loved ones of residents of the Sun Lakes Community.

John Manke also said, “What a pleasant surprise it was when we were approached by the Sun Lakes Garden Club asking if they could provide some of the funding to improve the landscaping in front of our Chapel Center. The secretary of the club Starla Kramer has proposed several memorial benches in the entry area of the Chapel Center (the building next door to the Sun Lakes Chapel) which will provide a more attractive entrance into our fellowship facility.

Mrs. Ginny Klassen has contributed a mastic tree which was recently planted in honor of her husband Mr. Donald Klassen. Mr. Klassen was a member of the Chapel Board of Directors and was also treasurer of the Sun Lakes Community Church. His wife Ginny, who lives in Oakwood, her daughter Donna and two of Donna’s children, Norah and Maeze Brennan, were here visiting from New York when the tree was planted. Don was also responsible for the new pedestrian crossing in front of the chapel; a project completed on the day he passed away.

Anyone interested in providing one of the four memorial benches or providing the funding for the pavers, as well as other possible features in memory of a loved one, can contact John Manke at 480-254-4655.

Marge Mogelnicki said, “We have selected the Sun Lakes Chapel as our primary project for 2017. We need others to join with us to help us reach our goal. Residents from across Sun Lakes worship at the Sun Lakes Chapel, and we are excited to assist them in bringing renewal to their facility.”

The Sun Lakes Lutheran Church meets every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. The Community Church meets at 9:30 a.m. and the United Church of Christ meets at 11:15 a.m. The Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation meets on the second Friday of each month in the chapel. Each congregation has various meetings and gatherings in the next-door Chapel Center. The chapel is located at 9240 E. Sun Lakes Blvd. N. across from the Sun Lakes Country Club.