Sun Lakes Chorale 2024 Season Underway

Yvonne Orlich

The Chorale wishes everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. Let’s hope 2024 is a good year for all. With the holidays behind us, the Chorale gathers again to begin rehearsing new music for the upcoming March 14 Spring Concert. We are hoping everyone is recovered from various winter ailments like COVID-19, RSV, colds—not to mention that nagging old culprit arthritis, which hurts like the dickens when it is cold!

But positive vibes will flow again as we meet up again after a four-week hiatus. We will anxiously await our introduction to the 2024 spring song lineup chosen by our musical leaders Bart and Cris Evans. We started on Jan. 8, and though we are generally apprehensive about mastering the tunes to Cris’ liking in just eight or nine weeks, we also have solid trust in Cris’ confidence in our abilities. She will whip us into shape, and we’ll git ‘er done—with pleasure. We will keep you posted via the Splash and SunBird News in the weeks leading up to the Spring Concert as to concert time and place.

We at the Chorale are deeply grateful and appreciative for the support we get from the Sun Lakes and surrounding areas. It makes all our hard work—and some good laughs along the way—so worthwhile. Hopefully, our Spring Concert will be another sell-out. Stay safe and healthy until next time.