Sun Lakes Church and Chorale Director Honored

Yvonne Orlich

Cris Templeton-Evans is well known in Sun Lakes for her excellent and dedicated work as the director of the Sun Lakes United Methodist Church Choir, as well as the Sun Lakes Chorale. Both groups are thrilled and excited to learn that Cris was recently honored by the AZ Chapter of the American Chorale Directors Association (AzACDA). The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented at the AzACDA yearly state conference earlier this summer.

AzACDA is made up of choir directors in a wide range of fields: churches, communities, schools, universities and colleges, boys and girls choirs, gospel choirs, and jazz choirs, to name some. The recipient is nominated by a fellow AzACDA member, and the nomination is voted on by the entire statewide membership. The award recognizes a conductor, teacher, or director who has consistently excelled in the field of choral work for an extended period of time.

This year’s award was presented by two people. One was a former high school choir student who was taught by Cris, and the other was a former student teacher. Each presenter gave a moving tribute to Cris as well as tributes from her pastor Marvin Arnpriester and former students, singers, and colleagues.

Cris is very deserving of this honor and, hopefully, will continue to share her skills and talents with the church and Chorale in Sun Lakes.

Congratulations, Cris Evans.