Sun Lakes Community Church

Pastor Don Hendricks

Six years of nurture in a home, 12 years of schooling, and eight years of post-graduate education led me to my knees when a group of leaders set me apart for the ministry of preaching the Gospel one week short of our Nation’s 200th birthday on July 4, 1976.

This coming June 27 will mark 40 years of ordination and service to the Christian Church, a bit over 13 of those years here in Sun Lakes. Those four score years are what the Bible calls a generation during which believers are charged to be faithful to their own generation.

I have members of the original youth groups with teens of their own and several have entered the ministry as well. We have friends we keep in touch with as we all enter our retirement years and of course fond memories of so many who have entered the church triumphant. I always say that I have had a wonderful life because no man is poor who has friends.

One hundred years ago the world was involved in a war, and as we enter the New Year – the clash of civilizations continues, but we still have freedom, and children who are being faithful to their own generations and the faithfulness of God throughout all generations.

Happy New Year, friends.