Sun Lakes Community Church after Easter

Pastor Don Hendricks

Easter comes early this year, the last Sunday in March. The centerpiece of the crowning work of God in the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus the Anointed One. He was fully God and fully man and as the last Adam he experienced the struggle of life, the rejection of those he came to serve, and the pain of suffering and death. As the son of God He revealed the Father’s love and power to save, heal and deliver, overcoming death and being raised bodily to new life as the first fruit of those who were to follow.

I am fully human and have been made alive by His spirit who indwells me, and am therefore living an eternal kind of life now, with all the common challenges and struggles of this existence, but filled with the hope and endurance and faith that I know has bound my future with His own glorious presence at the right hand of God.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is gone, because I know He holds the future, and my life is worth living, because I know He lives. Let’s make this a special month of joy and remembrance, and gratitude.