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Pastor Jerry McGhee

There are over 100 women mentioned by name in the Bible with an equal number of women mentioned who are not named. Wives, daughters, princesses, gracious, Godly women as well as the evil and wicked women, all noted.

I recently began to look again at some of the women who, in a male-dominated society, made a difference, contributed richly and/or changed the history of their day.

Hannah was the wife of one of Israel’s priests and like every Hebrew woman, Hannah wanted a son but she was barren. She had a loving, supportive husband, but she did not have a home because she did not have a child. As the years passed, her agony became more intense. She referred to herself as “a woman of a sorrowful spirit.”

Though childless, Hannah was not prayer-less. She actually did what we often do; she bargained with God. Give me a son and I will give him back to you was her bargain. God granted her request and gave her a son, and Hannah kept her word and gave the boy to the Lord. Samuel, Hannah’s son, became a prophet, priest and judge of Israel.

Bargaining with God is not the Biblically recommended way to approach God. Going to God with a need, in sincerity, seeking His will and His hand, is how we need always to approach Him.

Unlike Hannah, our prayers are not always answered as we wish, because in some cases, our requests are too selfish. The Scriptures do say “We have not because we ask not.” They also tell us that at times “we ask amiss,” clearly out of God’s plan or will for us.

Samuel grew up to reflect his mother’s godliness. He became a man of prayer, of intercession, power and authority from God. The lesson we learn from Hannah is, “Don’t give up.” God does hear and He does answer prayer.

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