Sun Lakes Community Church news – Honking from Behind

Pastor Jerry McGhee

While watching the Discovery Channel I was reminded of how similar the church is to a flock of geese – yes, geese!

First, when geese fly in formation they travel 70 percent further than when flying alone! Christians are more successful in their journey when gathered together, praying together and working together.

Second, geese share leadership. When the front one gets tired, positions are rotated and another takes over. Ministry is a work of the whole church. We all need to be involved. There is plenty to do.

Third, geese honk from behind. Those behind the leaders support those up front. Leaders need encouragement and support.

Fourth, geese keep company with the injured and exhausted. If one drops out of the flight, at least one, often two others, join him/her until healing takes place, so as to continue the journey. So in the church, we are to bear one another’s burdens, love one another, uphold one another.

Okay, this is not great literature, but it does give convicting insight into our performance as a congregation or community.


“Your unfailing love is better than life itself; how I praise you.” Psalms 63:3

K.C., one of our missionaries in Indonesia, sends us a beautiful testimony from Yopi and his wife, Yayan. A couple of months ago we sent out a request asking for prayers for this new Christian family. Their little son, Amai, had been stricken with meningeal TB and was so sick. The Lord had His own timetable for this precious child and took Amai to be with Him. When K.C. and her co-worker heard of this they rushed to be with the family. But Yopi was worried about being able to get the news to his family in the next village! So the two girls offered to go, which relieved the parents considerably. Since it was getting late, water and flashlights had to be gathered up. The trip was made in record time — six hours — with only a few scrapes to show for it.

God’s plan was about to come together! As a rule, after a burial, villagers will gather and argue about why this happened (and other worldly things). This time Yopi stood up and started asking questions about the Bible! After a few hours everyone was joining in with one man actually writing down questions and answers! The young parents still don’t understand why God let this happen to one so young, but they are praising the Lord for a “replacement” son like He did for Adam and Eve when Seth was born!

Please pray for this family to grow stronger in the Lord and for the workers.

~Charlotte Newberry (on behalf of the Missions Committee)