Sun Lakes Community Theatre Encourages Future Performers

Kate King-Turner

Think that Sun Lakes Community Theatre only puts on plays, conducts Children Theater shows, Workshops, Flash Mob dances, and zany Improv performances? Nope, the organization is about a lot more than that. One of the lesser-known activities of the SLCT is its monetary support of local high schools. At a recent meeting of the board of directors, it was unanimously approved to send a check for $500 each to Hamilton, Chandler, Basha, Perry, and Casteel High Schools to support their drama programs. In addition, a $1,000 scholarship was approved to be awarded to a 2022 graduating senior who plans to continue their education in a performing arts capacity. “The schools are very grateful,” says school liaison Roger Edmonds. “As we all know, these monies are important, because the only funding the drama departments get are from donations and tax credits. So, this money makes a real difference to the students and teachers both,” Edmonds stated. “We’re thrilled to continue our tradition of awarding a nice scholarship to a graduating senior. Our recipients in the past have continued on to college and done well in performing arts. It’s just one way that we can help support our school drama programs.”

For more information on SLCT, a 501(c)(3) organization, or to learn more about how you can provide support for drama departments in the area, call 480-382-6290. For production or membership information, go to