Sun Lakes Community Theatre

Marcia Stevic, Publicity

What a cast and crew! For those of you who saw the delightful comedy romp this summer, What the Bellhop Saw, the figures are in: 530 people saw the show and loved it. Who said things are dull here in the summer? No way. Linda Caton’s skilled direction and 12 talented cast members conquered some really challenging on stage moves; and, from lights and sound to ticket sellers; from stage managers and props to scene construction and painting; from ushers to costume makers; and publicity to tell you all about us and our show, every one of these people work on the Sun Lakes Community Theatre (SLCT) shows because they have fun and great satisfaction that they have entertained their audience – terrific!

See you in the fall. For more information on SLCT shows and membership call 480-382-6290 or visit