Sun Lakes Cottonwood Palo Verde at Sun Lakes

Message from the President

Roger Beagle

Last month, Adan Ruelas was named CWPV Co-Employee of the Year. This month, Adan became a United States citizen. This is a great achievement. We are proud of Adan and all he has accomplished for receiving both the 2020 CWPV Co-Employee of the Year and becoming a U.S. citizen.

As I write this month’s article, our community is in the middle of the campaigning period for two board of directors openings. Thanks to all who have participated in the voting process and the four candidates vying for the open board of directors positions.

Every year, homeowners have the opportunity to become involved in the community by joining a committee. This is a positive way for homeowners to help maintain and improve our fabulous amenities. The board of directors and the committees are always looking for homeowners who have the desire to “do what is best for our community and our homeowners.”

The wonderful Arizona weather is keeping our amenities busy this time of year. Palo Verde and Cottonwood restaurants, fitness center, swimming pools, golf courses, and tennis and pickleball courts are very busy with homeowners and visitors. The new pickleball courts construction is continuing, and the weather is helping everyone get out and enjoy our amenities.

Please remember to drive safely while Maricopa County road construction continues in Cottonwood. Thank you very much for your patience.

The month of April continues to give more opportunities for everyone to receive vaccinations with the hopes to further reduce the effects of the COVID-19 virus.

My wish is for our homeowners and visitors to celebrate your time with pleasant days and evenings. Please continue to enjoy all of our community amenities: restaurants, bars, golf courses, fitness center, lakes, greenbelts, library, bike/walking paths, bocce ball, Sisk Park, tennis, and racquetball and pickleball courts.

Your board of directors will always work for your continued enjoyment of our community.

Upcoming Events

Linda Caton, Recreation Manager

All tickets for Cottonwood Palo Verde shows and events can be purchased at our Homeowner Services location.

TAD 2021 Concert Series:

Note: Due to COVID-19, dates for ticket sales will be determined later this year.

Spring and summer shows are canceled!

Sept. 21, Tuesday, December ’63, The Jersey Boys

Oct. 12, Tuesday, Blues Brothers

Oct. 19, Tuesday, All American Girls

Nov. 2, Tuesday, Piano Men Generations

Nov. 9, Tuesday, Journey

Dec. 7, Tuesday, Country Christmas

Dec. 14, Tuesday, So This Is Christmas

Shears to You (Great News!)

Step in and see how beautiful you can be. Shears to You Mobile Salon will be parked every Wednesday and Thursday at Cottonwood, in the east parking lot at the corner of EJ Robson Blvd. and Brentwood from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is a complete mobile hair salon and style lounge offering a full menu of hair and nail services for men and women. To schedule your appointment, call 480-983-5378. Walk-ins are welcome!

Healthwaves Lab Screenings and Testing

Canceled until further notice!

Rover’s Rest Stop

Mark your calendars and tell all your friends that Rover’s Rest Stop’s Meet & Greet Adoptions will be held on the second Saturday of each month. They will be in Cottonwood’s A-6 (Dance Room) from 9 a.m. to noon. Here’s a great chance for you to bring home an adorable new family member. For more information, call 480-600-2828, and remember, a little dog will be there waiting desperately for a place to call home. Date: April 10

Ladies Coffees

2021 (Cancellation TBD)

Art at the Lakes (Annual Show)

Postponed (TBD)

Easter Golf Cart Parade

2021 (Canceled due to COVID-19 regulations)