Sun Lakes Country Club 18 Holers results

Summer league golfers Bonnie Moore, Mary Mosby and Kelly Dennis

Summer league golfers Bonnie Moore, Mary Mosby and Kelly Dennis

Nancy Field

The heat is on and our courses1st (tie) Dang Parker, Debra Emerick and Marylou Claypool (29); Flight 2: 1st Debbie Loch (28), 2nd Iris Cannaday (29), 3rd Joyce Switzky (30); Flight 3: 1st (tie) Arlene Ungaro and Roxanne Belshaw (31), 3rd (tie) Debbie Martin and Dianne Hoyt (32)

05/13. Scramble – 1st Place Team: Shirley Brenner, Iris Cannaday and Arne Havens (62), 2nd Place Team: (tie) Moe Schoenwalder, Jane Hamner, Dianne Hoyt and Brenda Icenogle (63); Marylou Claypool, Diane Grosse, Beverly Lloyd, Chris Frazon (63)

05/20. Pro’s Choice – Drop Four Holes – Flight 1: 1st Cheryl Reed (41), 2nd Kelly Dennis (43), 3rd Debra Emerick (44); Flight 2: 1st Carolyn Luna (33), 2nd Donna Branscom (38), 3rd (tie) Debbie Loch and Shelby Larson (39); Flight 3: 1st Judi Kilgus (38), 2nd (tie) Jean Jones and Judy Mical (39); Flight 4: 1st (tie) Brenda Icenogle, Chris Frazon and Lillian Look (38)

05/27. Three Clubs and a Putter – Flight 1: 1st Dang Parker (57), 2nd Bonnie Moore (61), 3rd Lynda Smith (63); Flight 2: 1st Betty Ulrich (54), 2nd Joyce Switzky (57), 3rd Nancy Field (60); Flight 3: 1st Cheryl Bunch (62), 2nd Judi Kilgus (64), 3rd (tie) Brenda Icenogle and Chris Frazon (65)

06/02. Par Threes Net Score – Flight 1: 1st Karen Brown (20), 2nd (tie) Debra Emerick and Terri Mandt (21); Flight 2: 1st Judi Kilgus (21), 2nd (tie) Carolyn Luna and Jan Fletcher (24); Flight 3: 1st Jean Ahnmark (18), 2nd (tie) Bea Hadsell and Chris Frazon(22)

Summer league started in June. Tee times are from 6:30-10:00 a.m. on Tuesday mornings. You must have your money in the box by noon on Saturdays. Fun games for July will be Flag Tournament, Fewest Putts, Replay Shots, Christmas in July and Three Best Balls.